Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing

The modern age of internet has initiated a growth of Social Networks like Facebook and Google Plus, Micro blogging sites like Twitter, Picture sharing platforms like Instagram and interesting link sharing platforms like Tumblr, Pinterest and Stumbleupon, Reviews sharing websites like Mouthshut, media sites like Youtube, Slideshare and Authorstream, etc. where people spend a considerable amount of time engaging with others, sharing and gathering information. For any business having a presence on such networks becomes necessary to connect with the masses.

Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites. Social media itself is a catch-all term for sites that may provide radically different social actions.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing:

  1. Better Traffic: Get traffic from your social networks to visit your website. You can improve your rankings by including your target keywords and phrases on social media posts. Add photos, infographics, blog posts, and case studies to your content as well. The target here is to reach many followers with quality content that they can easily share.
  2. Better Visibility: Your social network’s visibility adds to brand value and recognition. It is cheap and effective way to get views and stay in sight. Potential customers will consider your business when they need products or services. You build trust in your brand through quality content and continuous interactions with your followers.
  3. Lower Cost: Social media offers a cost-effective method of advertising with the potential of reaching millions of customer. Here you can share latest offers on products and services – which can reach a large number of people at minimal cost and still generate more sales.
  4. Building Brand Value: Your customers need to know that you care about them and not just selling products to them. Your business can build better relationships via social sites, answering their queries, responding to comments and criticism with a positive yet professional approach, resolving each interaction to customer satisfaction, strengthening confidence in your brand and its values.
  5. Get Customer Response: Social networks can also help you get customer insights. You can tell from their responses and comments to your posts the type of product and customer service they expect from your business. You can analyze and interpret the results from a range of data collected over a set period and evolve your marketing strategy accordingly.

At Digital Marketing India Services we support your business by engaging the masses via powerful social networks, creating a dominating social presence, sharing latest offers, reaching more people, gaining maximum customers and adding positive aura, value to your brand. Contact us for your Social Media Marketing needs!

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