What is Digital Marketing?

A lot many people don’t understand the term Digital Marketing and it is probably because it came into existence old in last 2 decades. In this article we will understand what Digital Marketing is, what is the purpose and benefits over traditional marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing refers to all kinds of promotions done over the internet. As most of the world population is now connected to the web over mobiles, and spend most time surfing, shopping and searching information on the internet, the web has turned into a crowded market place where digital presence for every business is a must. Digital Marketing enhances your business reach on the internet, reaching more people and bringing in new customers.

What are the Advantages of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing?

  • Digital Marketing is cheaper compared to traditional marketing.
  • Digital Marketing has better reach.
  • Digital Marketing is easier to implement and uses little infrastructure or business resources.
  • Digital Marketing works 24*7, 365 days a year.

It is true that Internet is the future of business and digital marketing will play a great role for companies. In fact this has already started. In last few years we have seen rise of brands like Makemytrip, Yatra, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Goibibo, etc over the internet using excellent digital marketing strategies.

Components of Digital Marketing

For effective digital presence for any business there are few things required.

  1. Business website –  Business websites are dynamic and responsive software based online presentations which showcase your products and services in the best possible perspective that appeals to a prospective customer and can generate interest or sale. Website is where all the traffic will reach and conversion will happen, so it is important that your website be great. A good website will have great content, excellent pics and appeal to the customers online. An effective website is one which has a very high conversion rate.
  2. Google Listing – For any local business, it is a must to have a Google Listing showing their actual location on google maps. To create a listing just visit business.google.com and add a business using your gmail account. With a great google listing your business will show immediately to those searching for your products and services in your immediate area. Besides this, there are a lot many thing you can do on your google listing – Get customer reviews and showcase them to the world, add business / products/ services details, business timings, pics, videos,  posts, offers and get direct call from online customers.
  3. Social Networking – For enhanced business reach your business should have a good presence on the social networks. These are the places where people spend a lot of time, hence social networks are places where you can also connect with people, showcase your products/ services and offer deals, discount and more to improve market reach.
  4. Media – Having a corporate presentation, product videos showing benefits, customer reviews are tools that can create a positive aura around your brand and build trust into people when they seach for your business online.
  5. Local Marketing – Online free ads and classifieds are great when you have a small business with local target population. Posting individial product and service ads, you can target customers in your immediate region with ease and at little or no expense at all. For brands, there are reference sites like Quora, qsans.com, etc where you can add a question and get an expert answer. These sites are excellent for business marketing as they rank quite high in search engines.
  6. Email Marketing – An effective and cheap tool to reach your online customers, email marketing is very easy to use and gives very good response for any business. Send product mailers with great offers/deals and get people to visit your website, make repeat purchases, etc.

All these elements are essential to have a good online presence for any business. These are part of Digital marketing campaigns. Every campaign works on the basis of keywords relevant to the business. An effective Digital Marketing Campaign, works to streamline every component and improve efficiency/conversion.

Types of Digital Marketing

There are 2 types of digital marketing campaigns – Organic and Paid.

Organic Digital Marketing refers to all kinds of marketing done using free to use online platforms. Example – social networks, media sites, etc. In organic marketing the whole campaign works on set keywords and takes time to reach ranks in search engines. The organic marketing strength build online with time and if you stop after a year or two remains there forever. Your network will keep bringing in results.

Paid Digital Marketing is when you pay to get your business ads displayed on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing or Social Networks like Facebook, Instagram or twitter. In paid marketing you can get results from day one, by assigning an ad for certain keywords, region, etc and and get your ad shown when anyone searches for your specified keywords. When the visitor clicks they reach your website and you get charged. Once the money is done, your ad stops.

Which type of Digital Marketing is better?

For those with money and no time to wait, paid ads is the best way. For those who have little money, should go for organic, but in this case it will take time to show results. The ideal is to have organic marketing with paid digital marketing campaigns where one can have a balanced approach and get long term and short term plans fulfilled.

What is best for my business?

Digital Marketing also differs from business to business. It is never the same. An effective Digital Marketing campaign requires, deep understanding and expertise. Implemented correctly, you will get great results in terms of top search ranks for your business specific keywords. If you have little experience with digital marketing, but want good results at an affordable cost then consider outsourcing it. This will reduce your business costs, use of infrastructure and still get all the results without burning a hole in your pocket!

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