Our Prices

Our prices are quite affordable and depend on client requirements. Given below are our Digital Marketing plans with details and prices. Nothing is fixed here, as requirements differ from company to company. These figures are just to give a rough idea of the expenses you may occur for your business marketing.

Local (Small) Business Marketing: A startup local business requires instant local marketing to connect with customers. This requires a good website and excellent local marketing to connect with customers in the area. We understand the challenges of a startup business and their inability to spend large amounts on business marketing, hence we have a small business marketing plan which starts at Rs.5000/- per month.

This plan works well with small business like play schools, hobby centers, tution centers, restaurants, beauty salons, spa centers, gyms, boutiques, therapy centers, showrooms and also for professionals like doctors, advocates, lawyers, CAs, architects, artists, designers, etc.

This plan includes: Website and digital marketing for 1 year.

All content – logo, text, pictures to be provided by the client.

Medium Business Marketing: For business like coaching institutes, small brands, travel agencies, tour operators, bank DSAs, finance agencies, hotels, law firms, diagnostic centers, small companies, etc. which require aggressive online marketing, we work things differently with various marketing strategies and plans. These strategies are different for various industries and depend much on the level of competition online. Marketing will involve a dynamic responsive website, online marketing and email marketing (upto 12000 mailers for a maximum of 2000 email ids).

Medium Business Marketing plan starts at Rs.10000/- per month.

All content – logo, text, pictures to be provided by the client.

High End Business Marketing: We offer consultancy services to such business and guide their employees how to dominate the web.

This is for well established companies, or those starting new, but having ample funds. This plan is good for hotels, resorts, retreats, hospitals, schools, etc. which need promotion over various online platforms with regular content posts, reviews, blogs, videos, etc. Much of these are shared on social media on daily basis to involve viewers and enhance brand value & recognition. It requires corporate presentations, email marketing with good amount of data to link with supporting agencies and paid campaigns like google adwords, facebook ads, instagram, twitter, linkedin, etc. All of this will cost a good deal of money and requires a great deal of teamwork, creativity, out of the box thinking and innovative strategies. Contact us to fix a meeting to act has your consultants for this level of marketing.

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