How to Start an Online Business

How to Start an Online Business

More than half of all the world population is now online. Internet makes it easy to connect buyers with sellers regardless of location. Unlike conventional business, an internet business has lower running costs and hence better prospects of making it profitable. Starting an online business is cheap and all it requires is a unique idea, a good website and effective digital marketing.

There are many a ways you can earn money through your online business. You may offer services like jobs consultancy, travel, property finding and classifieds, or create a club offering exclusive services to paying members. You can start a Blogging or reviews site and get paid via Google Adsense when people click on Ads running on your site. For those who have expert knowledge in a particular field can start an online business and use their experience to create a profitable venture. There is a lot you can do, limited only by your abilities.

Here we will share some time tested ideas for starting an Online Business.

Online Business Ideas

  1. Jobs Site – Start your own jobs portal and get paid by connecting suitable job seekers with companies posting vacancies. Visit companies, connect with HR, get listed in their panel as jobs consultant, get the list of vacancies, post online and you are ready to roll. Marketing will bring in candidates to list their profile and resume. You can also offer resume building services to job seekers and also top listings to candidates and companies for better views and get paid for the same.
  2. Online Boutique – If you love clothes, then start an online showroom and showcase your merchandise on website. Add stunning pics, list the prices, offer discounts and have clients placing orders online. Get clothes from manufacturers or make your own designs at home, you can even start your own designer label and reach for the world with your own website. List your customer reviews to bring in new ones.
  3. Online Store – Why not use your sourcing skills to connect with manufacturers and get good prices on their product lists? Make your very own online shop and start selling online. Some of the best options are Jewelry, Cosmetics, Shoes, Accessories, Gifts Etc. Connect with products manufacturers directly or with whole sellers to get a great product list to put on your site. Keep the prices to lowest minimum to get started.
  4. Online Consultancy – Years of experience in your job? How about starting an online consultancy business. Get paid for helping people/ professionals/companies and make money! There are lot many things like – license registration services, career counseling, visa and passport guidance, international education consultancy services you may consider to get started.
  5. Travel Agency – Love to travel? Been there; done that? Start a travel agency. There are a million people willing to go on a holiday – only if it appeals to them – To be successful you will need only a handful! Connect with hotels and travel operators for best quotes for off beat itineraries and get customer bookings from across the world. Keep adding travel stories, blogs to keep it ever growing. To make it a success always add pics along with a heart felt write up. Add client pics and their experiences with your travel agency.
  6. Reviews Site – For people who have a knack of getting into detail and excellent communication skills, there is nothing better than starting own reviews site – Connect with brands, use products, visit hotels, review restaurants and yes, get paid for it. For best results you will need to write Indepth, interesting and involving reviews which people would love to read. Install Google Adsense on your site to earn more. Google Adsense will pay you when people visit your blogs and click on any of the numerous ads playing on the pages.
  7. Blogging – Before you choose to become a blogger – decide what you will talk about. For best results you will need to write Indepth, interesting and involving blogs which people would love to read. Install Google Adsense on your site to earn from your blog site. Google Adsense pays you when people visit your blogs and click on any of the numerous ads playing on the pages.
  8. Social Club – People live boring lives. If you see carefully, they only repeat their days without adding anything new to their experiences. If you are good at planning events and entertaining people then you can start an online social club for ladies or senior citizens – letting them pay to be members and offer parties, movies, clubbing, travel and stuff to keep them entertained? Sound interesting – Yes it is! Start a social site which requires a yearly membership fee and as benefits people get to attend events, go traveling, attend seminars or even learn a thing or two about life – This is a great way to earn money!
  9. Matrimony Website – Connecting – going to be brides and grooms is decades old tried and tested business which you may think of starting if you have enough contacts to make it successful. Members pay to get registered and listed on your site.
  10. Numerology/Astrology/Reiki Services – If you have the requisite training, then you may start your own Numerology/Astrology/Reiki website offering consultation services and get paid online upon making an appointment.
  11. Property Website – Look around – there is always someone looking for a property on rent, to sell or to buy. Connect buyers and sellers by allowing them to list their buying or selling requirements on your website. Get paid on each transaction. Install Google Adsense on your site to earn more from your blog site. Google Adsense pays you when people visit your blogs and click on any of the numerous ads playing on the pages.
  12. Online Classifieds – Start your very own olx or quikr clone and let people post free ads for any number of things. Offer premium services to promote their online classifieds on your own website and make money! Install Google Adsense on your site to earn more from your blog site. Google Adsense pays you when people visit your blogs and click on any of the numerous ads playing on the pages.
  13. Online Tutorials – For teachers, starting an online tutorials website is best option. Record videos on various subjects and classes and let people pay to join as a member and view those videos.
  14. Insurance Agency – If you are a licensed insurance agent or have good contacts with insurance companies, then start an agency offering a wide range of insurance options. Get customers online, file papers and get the commissions.
  15. Internet Marketing Agency – Have a flair for all things online and a passion for marketing? Start your very own agency helping businesses like your own get noticed online. Reach new customers, make websites, digital campaigns and get paid for the same.

Planning for Online Business

Before you pick any IDEA, define your core expertise, your experience and pin point what you will sell online:

  • What will you sell online? Will it be a product or service?
  • Who will be your target audience? Will it be local customers or global audience?
  • How will you deliver that product or service? What will be the price?
  • What will be the complete start to end operation? How will you get paid?

Requirements for Online Business

  1. A Website is essential for any online business. For this you will need – Domain + Hosting + Email Ids. You will need professional website designing to ensure that your website is marketing ready.
  2. Google Listing – Google local business listings can help promote your business in local area by making it visible on local searches.
  3. Digital Marketing – To maximize your business reach Digital Marketing will create your presence on social networks and connect with people to deliver sales and most importantly – Google Ranks.


How make your Online Business a Success

For a successful business, you need customers. To get customers, your idea has to be unique, your website – visible on top ranks and prices – lowest for the best quality services/products available in the target location. Your business reach will define how many customers you will get.

To make your business successful, you need to have an excellent web presence. For this you will need:

  1. Website – Go for a dynamic, responsive website which has excellent customization options and uses latest technology.
  2. Google Listing – A well created and managed Google Listing can keep your business on top search ranks. Here you can ask customers to add reviews so that others can see and feel confident dealing with you.
  3. Social Media Marketing – Your business can reach more people if it has presence on all major networks.
  4. Q&A Websites: Q&A websites are great for Digital Marketing. Besides delivering top ranks for digital marketing campaigns there are a lot may reasons to work on the Q&A websites. People Google Questions, Not Just Keywords. Questions Include Long Tail Keywords and Provide Genuine, Relative and Authoritative Answers. Posting and linking with Q&A websites Boosts a Website’s SEO and Builds Trust., and Yahoo Answers are such sites where you can answer questions related to your business and connect with a large audience.
  5. Presentation and Video – Audio visual presentations work great on ranks and bring new customers all year round.
  6. Share Offers and Deals – Use mail marketing for sending new offers to prospective customers.

While all Online marketing strategy is crucial to business, you may choose to outsource it to get expert driven campaign that delivers results and that too without being expensive. At Digital Marketing Services India we understand the challenges faced by online business entrepreneurs and offer reliable and result oriented Digital Marketing Campaigns that bring your business on top ranks and get you new customers with ease.

We offer end to end digital marketing services like – Dynamic responsive websites, google listing creation and management services, SEO, Social Networking, videos and presentations for extended reach. We do all of this at very little cost, so you can concentrate on your core business. No matter what home business you choose to start, we can power your dreams to success.

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