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Q: What is Digital Marketing?

A: Digital means – on the internet, and marketing means – business promotion. The term digital marketing is used for all promotions done on the internet. It has 2 components – Organic (free) Marketing and the other is Paid Marketing

Q: What is the need for Digital Marketing?

A: In the last decade more than half of global population is using the internet for information and networking. Internet is the new information highway where you can reach out, showcase your products and services, and sell to the masses. Unlike a local shop, a business on the internet is really global! Digital marketing is cost effective, has better reach and hence is the best tool to market your business.

Q: How does Digital Marketing work?

A: Digital marketing involves promotion of your business website over various social networks, media channels, blogs, review sites and classifieds. Other means are using paid ads using various online tools like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads etc. The objective is to gain visibility, increase your business reach so that more and more people get to know about your products and services and get in touch with you.

Q: Is Digital Marketing Important?

A: If you are looking for customers, then you will need to go where your customers really are. If you won’t, your competition will and sooner or later you will loose profits. Digital marketing can keep your business ahead of competition, reach new markets and generate more profits. It costs lower than conventional marketing hence good for small business.

Q: How much does Digital Marketing cost?

A: Compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing costs very little. There is no need to keep marketing executives at hefty salaries to go and meet people, all this can be done over the internet in a more structured way. Instead of lakhs, you will spend thousands to reach more people and get new customer leads with little effort. Click here for prices.

Q: How do we start with Digital Marketing?

A: The main component of Digital Marketing is your business website. If you don’t have one, you will need to get one built professionally. A good website will be able to showcase your business, products and services to online visitors. The content and presentation is the most important thing here. The website content has to be genuine, well written and something that connects with your audience. This way it ranks high in search listings and attracts more visitors. An effective website is one which involves the visitors interest to go ahead and submit a query for products/services. Once you have such a website, then comes sharing it over the internet using networks, blogs, media channels, etc.

Q: What is Organic Marketing?

A: Online marketing using free to use networks, sites, classifieds, blogs, etc is called Organic Marketing. It requires time to grow on the internet, improves your website visibility in search rankings and generates customer leads.

Q: What is Paid Marketing?

A: When we pay to get clicks using various paid advertising platforms like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Linkedin Ads, Instagram Ads, etc. In short, we are paying for clicks to promote our business website. These programs are called PPC or Pay Per Click. Depending on your budget you can define a daily budget and create ads which will target people using relevant keywords / interests. It requires good skill and experience to get the best results from these tools, hence professional guidance is important.

Q: Which one is most effective – Organic or Paid Marketing?

A: Organic marketing is cheap, takes time to reach top search ranks and generate leads, where as paid marketing can get you hot customer leads instantly, but it costs a lot. Organic marketing keeps growing over time ever reaching more people even when you stop paying, whereas paid marketing vanishes the moment your budget is over. If you have a good budget for marketing, invest in both. Query your customer how they found you, and then evaluate on which method you would like to invest further.

Q: I have a low budget what marketing show i go for?

A: Go for Organic Marketing, but before you do, ensure that your business website is effective. Email marketing can be used as cheap and effective tool to connect with relevant audience and generate queries/sales.

Q: Can you help with email marketing?

A: For small business www.mailchimp.com offers free to use plan where you can send upto 12000 mails in a month to 2000 email ids. We use it and recommend it for small business users. We do email marketing for clients, but you will need to supply us with data and emailer content.

Q: We need a business website. Do you make those?

A: Yes, we offer Static as well as Dynamic responsive websites which feature excellent SEO and are network ready. All content, logo, text, pics to be provided by the client.

Q: We already have a website, can you evaluate and share your findings?

A: Yes, we will be glad to be of assistance. send us your website details via contact form and we will send back a comprehensive report to you by email.

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