Creating Effective Online Marketing Campaigns

Creating Effective Online Marketing Campaigns

All marketing campaigns have a defined objective – sales. To create a campaign that converts maximum number of visitors to customers requires some innovative thinking and strategies. All campaigns run on keywords and identifying the right keywords is half the battle won. With the right understanding you can create a unique campaign that targets these keywords effectively and efficiently. Here we will define the components of an Organic Marketing Campaign and how to tweak it to get maximum conversions.

  1. Website: The most important and crucial component of your online campaign is the business website. This is the place where all your visitors will reach and hence it matters how your website looks, the way it presents information and the ease with which it involves the visitors attention, gradually motivating them to act – –  subscribe, submit a query, buy online or share the website in their network. Your website needs to simple, yet stunning. It has to have all relevant SEO features like Headings, Description, Sitemap. It has to be modern, dynamic and responsive. It should have a well written content that connects with your website visitors, Product/service details, customer reviews, brochure, a good navigation menu and easy access to buying/support/contact pages. When your website is ready, install Google Analytics tracking to it and check the visitor flow and conversion aspects. On the basis of data, you will need to make changes to the website to get better results. Once you reach an optimum conversion level, it is now time to initiate a marketing campaign.
  2. Google Listing: Get your business on Google Maps with Google Business Listings. Its free and easy to use feature that will allow people to see your business on your products/services related local searches online. You can create unique posts for your business via the google business dashboard to attract new customers. With Google Listing people will call you or visit your website or reach your office by a simple click.
  3. Social Marketing: Channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, Tumblr and Stumbleupon are social networks where people spend a lot of time, hence your business will do better by creating accounts on these platforms to connect with people relevant to your business. You can connect with a large number of people and share unique offers, discount deals and latest product / service updates to increase your market reach. You can also create short corporate video presentations, customer review videos, product and service guides and load them on free to use media websites like Youtube and Slideshare, etc to create a healthy brand image.
  4. Q&A Websites: Q&A websites are great for Digital Marketing. Besides delivering top ranks for digital marketing campaigns there are a lot may reasons to work on the Q&A websites. People Google Questions, Not Just Keywords. Questions Include Long Tail Keywords and Provide Genuine, Relative and Authoritative Answers. Posting and linking with Q&A websites Boosts a Website’s SEO and Builds Trust., and Yahoo Answers are such sites where you can answer questions related to your business and connect with a large audience.
  5. Email Marketing: Emailers are cheap and easy to use means to reach your target audience with discount mailers and limited period offers. Email marketing will require a set of relevant data and a platform to deliver your emails. Use mailchimp to design good looking mailers with stunning pictures and amazing deals. Be sure to embed your weblinks to allow readers to visit your website to avail the offers. Note – This is why a website has to be good!!
  6. Analyze Data: How well your campaign is working will reflect in your website data. Use Google Analytics to check visitor stats, abandon rate, pages visited, pages with maximum drop offs and work on your website to tweak all shortcomings – again. Once you have achieved maximum output, now you can spend a little money on paid ads. If you have a budget for Google Adwords/Facebook/Instagram/ Twitter ads then run periodic campaigns to market your business.

The steps defined above are a part of online marketing. For successful conversion you will need to take further steps – depending on business to business. For example, a competitive examinations coaching center will need to create good marketing presentations and play them in the waiting area which the prospective students come in to get course details. This video could highlight the achievements of the institute, list of toppers, their ranks and student reviews. This will standardize the marketing pitch and result in better on site conversion.

Another aspect is referrals. A happy customer will refer more clients to you, so service delivery needs to excellent. From the very first contact – the website or your staff, there should be excellent hand holding and proper resolution of the issue to client satisfaction. When your business starts getting Referrals, you can now take a break and pat yourself on the back – for you must have done something good after all.

Last but not the least, all this marketing, strategies, plans, mean little if you are not patient. Like all good things creating an effective online marketing campaign takes time. It will evolve and adapt on basis of data and customer behavior. You can not rush it, but there is a way to speed it up for faster returns.

Let a professional manage your online marketing campaign. You will get years of experience and expertise on your fingertips and an effective campaign without wasting time on experimenting – which means faster returns. Let us know what you think. We can market your business on the internet and make it a success.

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