A lot many people don’t understand the term Digital Marketing and it is probably because it came into existence old in last 2 decades. In this article we will understand what Digital Marketing is, what is the purpose and benefits over traditional marketing. What is Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing refers […]

What is Digital Marketing?

top 10 Q&A Websites
Q&A websites are great for Digital Marketing. Besides delivering top ranks for digital marketing campaigns there are a lot may reasons to work on the Q&A websites. People Google Questions, Not Just Keywords. Questions Include Long Tail Keywords. Provide Genuine, Relative and Authoritative Answers. Boosts a Website’s SEO. Builds Trust. […]

Top 10 Q&A websites

Creating Effective Online Marketing Campaigns
All marketing campaigns have a defined objective – sales. To create a campaign that converts maximum number of visitors to customers requires some innovative thinking and strategies. All campaigns run on keywords and identifying the right keywords is half the battle won. With the right understanding you can create a […]

Creating Effective Online Marketing Campaigns

If you are looking for ways to sell products online then consider the following 2 options. We have listed the pros and cons to help you make up your mind. Sell via an Online Marketplace Most of us are well aware of names like Amazon, Snapdeal and Flipkart. These are […]

How to Sell Products Online