Case Study

case study

In this increasingly competitive world a client has great many options for digital marketing agencies. But which is the right agency? Is there a way to get things done properly without loosing money or business?

Before you rush into an answer, you need to realize that each agency is competing in every possible way to get new clients, increasing their business and earning more revenues. Bigger the agency, bigger the cost cutting measures within their agency. This focus on profitability affects the customer who pays for the promotions, but gets little attention thereafter as the work is subordinated to inexperienced executives (lower salaries means lower cost of operation and higher profits) with little knowledge of Digital Marketing. Further because of such experiences, a client is never able to trust another. Given below is an interesting case study which highlights my point. Read on..

Yesterday i had a discussion with a prospective client for his interior designing firm which requires digital marketing services. The owner has more than 20 years experience into interior designing but has no idea how digital marketing works. He has spent good amount of money getting the website made by a top agency and paid another digital marketing agency to run his marketing last 3 months. After getting no result, he stopped paying to the agency and hence.. this..

I checked the website and found it lacking even the basics of SEO. It was neither presentable nor interesting. To sum it up, It was dull, but how to say that to the client?

I chose to be transparent and told him that the website needs to be reworked and as it is, it is not ready for marketing, to which he replied that the current agency ( second agency) said the same thing about the website and improved the site speed. I wanted to tell him that ranks are not just about speed, but he said that last 3 months this agency has been running facebook campaigns and delivering a lot of leads for his business, but none of them are relevant! Thanks to this agency his website now shows on 7th page on Google search! ( the fact is that very few people go beyond google’s first page search results – forget 7th page)

I explained that unlike Google, Facebook is a social site where people come for socializing and not searching for products/services, hence it is not really targeting customers – it is merely showing ads to people who we think can be customers. It is a passive approach, just like cold calling. On the other hand  people mostly use Google for all search online, to reach the target audience he will need to go for digital marketing or use Google Adwords. To keep  things cost effective he should go for a proper website update and organic marketing which will benefit his business in long term. With this we can guarantee first page ranks on google for the selected keywords which will bring him relevant traffic and genuine customer leads.

He said that he wants some immediate results – in terms of seo and organic marketing, not ppc. I told him that website update will take few days and Google will take own time to update ranks – it can’t happen overnight. It could take a few weeks to 2-3 months to get tangible results once the campaign is initiated. Also explaining to him the complete process how google ranks websites and that it is not instantaneous. I shared it all with complete honesty and sincerity, trying to guide and help him make the right decision.

The client said that he understood everything and finally told me that he would continue with his website and the facebook ads campaign ( even though the leads are junk ones) and see if it gets some results in next few days.

I have chosen to share this interaction here because it matters. The client is getting waste leads from facebook ads campaign and feels that at 7th page rank his agency is doing great. Perhaps he is aware that this is not right and is therefore contacting us to seek a better option, but the trust factor and reasoning is amiss and because of this, he will continue loosing money, waste his time and effort, the same which could have been used to grow his business. Till such time he is able to understand, his business will continue to suffer.

The lesson is not to be blinded by pre planned marketing scripts, false commitments or big names and keep your brain working. Your business is your priority, so seek an agency which can deliver results, Period! You can seek their client reviews and check their website, visit this agency’s social media stream. See what work they have done so far, check their own ranks on google. In most cases a smaller agency managed by an experienced person will do better digital marketing than you can ever get from a bigger agency. So, never compromise and get the best digital marketing agency for your online business promotion.

Article by Sameer Mehta – Manager Digital Marketing Services India

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